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Be healthy.

Join Zest and discover how a shift in mindset leads you to healthier habits and achieving your weight goals.


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A whole new way of thinking

Forget about diets. We're talking about mindset.

Here at Zest, we believe in guiding you through changing your mindset. We do this through personalized bite-sized lessons, psychology-backed mental exercises, and building healthier habits that create the foundation for long-term success.


It's time to change the way we think about what it means to be on a diet – for good.

While Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) sound complicated, their purpose is simple. They are psychological techniques meant to change your current way of thinking. At Zest, we use psychology to shift the way you think about food and fitness and help you build habits that last a lifetime.

Research has shown that these mindset-change techniques can help you manage your weight more than counting calories alone. As we guide you through changing your mindset, you will learn how to deal with your hunger levels and cravings in a way that honors your mind, body, and goals.


Gain Knowledge

Discover the world of nutrition with bite-sized lessons.

There's a lot to discover about nutrition, so we've broken it down into small bites. In just a few minutes per day you'll find answers to big questions and learn how to tell the fact from the fluff.


Build habits

Perfect the art of small actions becoming second nature.

The beauty of habits is that they're small actions that can become automatic. Making our healthy habits stick is how we'll find long-term success. Zest will help you focus on the habits that will have the biggest impact so you can reach your health and weight-loss goals.


Develop Skills

Think differently about food, exercise – and even yourself.

We've created fun and effective skills that you can use to start thinking differently about food, exercise, and even yourself! These skills use tools from psychology to change your mindset and show you how to put what you've learned into action.


Add a little peace to your day with guided meditations that help you reset and redirect.


Learn more about yourself with though-provoking questions and self-awareness.


Explore mental hacks and exercises that shift your mindset to make healthier choices.


Commit to challenges where you can rise to new heights and practice what you've learned.

Partner With Us

Zest is available through healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and corporate wellness programs. Contact us to see how Zest can help your members reach their health goals.

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