6 Traits of a Great Workout Partner

Working out with someone else can be a great experience. You get the trifecta of socializing, expanding the kinds of exercises you can do, and of course, the opportunity to match your sweatbands. 

There’s also a lot of potential for having a workout partner to be…less than stellar for multiple reasons. None of which have much to do with the sweatbands. 

Like with any other healthy relationship, maintaining a good connection with your workout partner means having open communication, respect, and honesty. 

If you’re looking for a workout partner, or if you’d like to improve the relationship you have with your current partner, here are six traits that can help define what an optimal relationship would look like:

  • Your schedules match up
    • While it’s not pivotal to workout partner success, having similar schedules can save you some grief when you schedule your workouts. 
  • Their fitness level and goals are compatible with yours
    • If one person is used to training for a marathon while the other is starting a couch to 5k, the compatibility may not be the best, so it’s good to have a workout partner who is starting from a similar place as you.
  • Your good workout partner has a good understanding of where you need support, and vice versa.
    • When you start working out with a partner, it’s good to first discuss where you’d like to be supported. Some people enjoy the “tough love” approach, while others get more out of encouragement.
  • You both enjoy doing similar workouts.
    • If you really enjoy cycling, you might want to find a partner who also likes cycling. On the same note, it’s also good to keep an open mind and find someone who does different exercises than you. You never know what new workouts you may end up loving!
  • Both partners can offer the other some guidance and have a willingness to learn from each other.
    • Those days when you’re lifting weights, it can definitely be helpful to have a friend there to spot for you or let you know (kindly) if your form is off. 
  • It’s clear what kind of workout both parties are expecting.
    • Some of us prefer our workouts to be intense, while others like a more casual experience, and still others want to get a mix of both. Talk over what kind of workout you expect to do, and make sure you’re both on the same page.

Like with any good relationship, being a good workout partner takes, well, work. But with a lot of clarity and enthusiasm, you and your partner can reach new heights together.

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